About FreyLube

Major fleets and professional tire dealers have been successfully using Freylube products for over 50 years. Prema and Supra are specifically formulated for the tire and wheel industry. Typical applications include trucks, trailers, school and transit buses, off-road construction, mining, plus automotive and light truck uses.

FREYLUBE is a multi-purpose product

In today’s real world environment most people are using more than one product in their tire shop. They need a product to help mount the tire. In many cases they need another product to help “loosen” or “un-freeze” a tire bead from the rim. Still in other cases, a third product is used to help prevent rust from building up on the rim surface. THIS CAN GET EXPENSIVE!

Patented formula contains no water

We all know that WATER causes rust and corrosion. But did you know that many tire lubricants are water based? The long term results can be very costly in terms of rusted rims. Both in the extra time and effort needed to clean between tire changes – but also in the shortening of the expected service life of the rim. Prema’s patented* formula contains NO WATER.

Works in a wide temperature range

We have one of the widest temperature operating ranges available (-40°F to + 300°F). Most lubricating compounds can’t withstand the high operating temperatures created by the normal day-to-day vehicle operation. These compounds can break down and evaporate causing the tire bead to fuse to the rim. This makes demounting difficult, time consuming and can cause damage to the tire. Prema will continue to help protect your Investment when others have failed.

Only pennies per application

When used as part of a comprehensive maintenance program the protection Prema offers will help reduce your overall cost per mile. Unlike other lubricants, it doesn’t take much for Prema to do the job. Just apply a thin coat (similar to shoe polish) and the patented formula will act not only as a mounting compound, but will also maintain its lubricity, making demounting easy and fast, as well as protect the rim from rusting. Because Prema is a paste and contains no water, it will not freeze, spill, or spoil on your shelf.

100% money-back guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied in the way the product performs, just return the unused portion of the container for a FULL REFUND. That’s how confident we are about FREYLUBE/NoRimRust.

Formulated for all applications

The FREYLUBE family of lubricants offers distinct products formulated specifically for a full range of vehicles. Prema is designed for on-highway use where normal conditions exist-class 6-7-8 trucks and buses. Supra is available for severe applications where extra protection is needed – heavy loads, high or low temperatures, and extreme working conditions. Typical applications include: off-road construction equipment, mining and logging operation, as well as city transit buses. And of course Prema works well on light truck and passenger car applications, too. Wherever tires are used – FREYLUBE/NoRimRust has a product to do the job!
®FREYLUBE and NoRimRust are registered trademarks of FREY, THE WHEELMAN, INC.
*FREYLUBE products are protected by U.S. Patents 5350531 and 5472626.