FREYLUBE GOLD lubricates and protects
Fifth Wheels and other heavy-duty parts

Frey Lube Gold
FREYLUBE GOLD is an exclusive, semi-synthetic lubricant specially formulated for most of today’s heavy-duty lubrication applications. It is a single, multi-purpose product that not only lubricates, but protects against rust as well.

  • Unmatched protection against rust – meets ASTM Standard 1743 for fresh water and ASTM Standard D5969 for salt water.
  • Organic moly extreme-pressure additive guards against heavy shock loads and wear (Timken load 60 lb).
  • Excellent resistance to water washout.
  • Handles a wide operating temperature range – from -40°F to 400°F.
  • High drop point of 500°F (minimum).
  • Features a special polymer to ensure that the lubricant adheres to the fifth wheel.
  • Reduces friction for longer part life.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

Ideal for many special-purpose applications

  • Fifth WheelsFreylube GOLD

  • Chassis Points

  • Pins and Bushings

  • Landing Gears

  • Bearings (max. rpm 3,200)

  • Contractor’s Equipment

Economical and easy to use

FREYLUBE GOLD costs only pennies per application – a low-cost investment for rust protection. It is easy to apply using an applicator or a stiff brush.
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