“We have been a Freylube distributor for over 30 years.  Our heavy duty, off-highway and tire dealer customers have told us year after year that Freylube is a superior lubricant for their individual needs. It delivers the performance promise of ease of tire mounting and dismounting and virtually eliminates all rust problems.”
Tom Stewart – Carolina Rim & Wheel Co., Charlotte, NC

“We mount and dismount thousands of tires every year, Freylube has made that job much easier for our tire technicians and ultimately has allowed us to give faster service to our customers. Ours is a very competitive business and we look for every edge we can get, Freylube has given us a customer care edge when it comes to mounting and dismounting tires.”

Pete Biachi – Iroquois Tire & Brake, Syracuse, NY          

“Mild corrosion should be removed with a wire brush and the rim should be protected with a coating of non-water-based lubricant, according to Alcoa. A wheel that is corroded severely should not be used. However, proper lubrication will prevent corrosion from occurring. Therefore, regardless
of a truck’s age, remove the wheels from the truck and lubricate the hub-pilot pad or hub bore with a non-water based, non-corrosive lubricant, such as Freylube, and remount the wheels, according to Alcoa. Do not lubricate the face of the wheel, hub or brake drum.”

Truck Parts & Service – September 2000