Nothing Helps Protect Your Investment In Tires & Wheels Like FREYLUBE/NORIMRUST


FREYLUBE is a multi-purpose product

In today’s real world environment most people are using more then one product in their tire shop. They need a product to help mount the tire. In many cases they need another product to help “loosen” or “un-freeze” a tire bead from the rim. Still in other cases, a third product is used to help prevent rust from building up on the rim surface. THIS CAN GET EXPENSIVE!
FREYLUBE/NoRimRust preforms all of these in one simple application. A Thin coat applied to the rim base allows for easy mounting of the tire. This same thin coat helps prevent the buildup of damaging rust. Since FREYLUBE does not evaporate at high temperatures, it maintains it’s lubricity and the tire bead does not fuse to the wheel rim, making the demounting of the tire quick and easy.

When you go on yellow, you go further!